The Three Foreigners

Three foreigners met me on the way,

Who are gracious and amicable!

They greeted me with a smile

and inquired my whereabouts

One woman expressed gladness

for knowing me as a foreign visitor

Another realised that I am a black

either from Kenya or Zimbabwe

I wondered for the title given to my skin

I said with a smile, “I’m an Indian!”

They glanced at me in perplexing way

and questioned about my lane and address

The third lady asked, “Are you our neighbour?”

They gestured like friends from abroad

I shook my head and said, I’m glad to meet you!”

Alas! At last, all could made me feel I’m a human!

A Tribute to Shri Balasubramaniyam

Melodious, romantic, violent and emotional songs

Sang by him for many years for all famous artists

An artist and good human being at heart, he was

Lovingly called ‘Balu’ by all his fans all over the world!

Born in 1946, at Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, a district

Where locals feel, the land was blessed to have him

Sang firstly, for the director, Shri Kodandapani,

Thereafter, he continued his musical journey for long!

Padmabhushan and the achiever of several awards

Appeared so humble in attitude, loving at his soul

Loved by all, not alone in India, in all other nations

Down to earth in persona, with high potentiality!

He’s a great singer, actor and music composer

A loving son, brother, father, and husband

Above all a well-known man to the film industry

Directors, artists and singers recall him today!

He inspired and encouraged upcoming singers

and preached ethics and values to the youth

he’s blessed by the God for his beautiful life

Folks ever feel thrilled to hear his all songs!

Shri Panditaaraadhyula Balasubramaniyam,

Always a living legend in the hearts of people

An inspiration for new and old musicians

People praise him for his work and nature!

Think before You Speak

Can you make someone’s soul happy with your words?
Will you be loved when you hurt someone with your talk?
Can you advise and change someone’s journey of life?
Would you get away due to your nature of talk?

Develop relationship with a friendly speech
Loving words help you approach everyone;
What can you talk to an angry man?
Once you utter a word, can’t take it back!

Your speech speaks about your culture
Your attitude tells who you really are;
Disrespect not, be not an adamant
Communication connects you with men!

Words explain your thoughts and views
Your thoughts bring you dignity and beauty;
Speech is silver, think before you speak
Every word is powerful, that you utter!

Success and Happiness

Is having happiness success? And how can we measure our success? The mankind constantly tries to be happy and successful either by earning money or having a comfortable life. Man’s unlimited desires lead him strive hard educationally, morally, spiritually and financially.

Throughout the growth and life, survival becomes vital and it all depends on the basic needs. From the time the child starts growing, he or she starts dreaming big and makes planning for future. The parents, siblings, friends, neighborhood, and places of livelihood impact him or her sufficiently. This impact or inspiration gives the child an identity. 

School which is a big society of mixed race of multi-talented people equally plays a major role. The students are the future citizens of tomorrow. They are gifted with innate talents like, art, literature, music, dance and life skills. Teachers play an important role in encouraging and inspiring them for their all round development. But knowledge, intelligence, ability and strength differ from a person to another.

If students are in a good company of friends, they would definitely reach their goals as friends stand in their way of success. Some students strongly believe that friends are better than relatives and do anything for them. You can share everything with them and need someone to listen to you and console you. 

Success depends on many factors and people who live around  us. I strongly feel that every incident that we experience, and every word we hear leave an imprint on our minds which guide us to move forward. Inspiration alone doesn’t make someone successful. One requires to be willing to work hard and an intelligent to do every task assigned. Self-realization, creativity, confidence and discipline would help anyone fruitful in life. “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

A man who dreams big will look at his life in a great perspective so that he finds ways to attain his goal. He is the one who focusses at his successful path in order to reach his destination. An ambitious person turns into a successful person who can raise his financial status and tries to bring cheerful feeling in others’ life. To him, success is health, wealth and gladness. 

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”


Gloomy days during the cloudy day
Depressing folks find a pleasant way
The impartial sun spreads his wings
Infants happily look out for a swing!

Cold weather obstructs indoor stay
They search for the bright sun’s ray
The vital vitamin source for the bones
Everyone keeps away valuable phones!

Unknown people shake amicable hands
They welcome me with a smile and stand
Sunshine is the reason for their appearance 
The dark clouds to the sun, gave clearance!

Sunshine is the source of human energy
Sunny days eliminate your innate lethargy
Seasonal change helps you have love for life
Life is beautiful though you face every strife!

Mother’s Love

Mother’s loving sight on her children 
Her gentle touch on their forehead 
Her cheerful smile with satisfaction 
bring blessings to their wellness!

Her unconditional love and warmth
with no malice and expectations;
Her constant pleas to the almighty 
bring prosperity in their livelihood!

Bonding between child and mom 
with little confidence and trust;
Her discussions and discipline 
inculcate ethics, and values in life!

She’s their guide, friend and mother 
who shields them from every threat
Her inspirational words and deeds
pave a way for their golden future!

A Glance out the Window

Whitish flowers lighten up the heart
The heavy branches sway, as a part
Pinkish flowers brighten up the land
Evergreen bushy trees stare and stand!

Light green leaves on branches, a few
Dark green leaves on trees, a good view
Yellowish green leaves certainly shine
Pale green leaves look pretty in a line!

Clean roads welcome travellers one side
With systematic methods, they do ride
Citizens who reside in a developed city
Blessed are those who live in sociality!

Progress states the state of any nation
The mankind’s discipline makes formation
A great view of the city is the soul’s elation
It’s not at all one man’s wonderful creation!

Love and Nature

Grassy carpet in parrot green
A fresh watery lake, so clean
Chilly weather gave a nice way 
Folks stepped out during the day!

Snowy days turned into warm 
The lap of nature is very charm
Brownish branches stand so tall
Some of them painted green overall!

Newly built houses appear great 
Residents reside without any hate
Joyful kids gladly smile and greet
Pathway is the only place to meet!

Unknown folks befriend in a need
With no barriers of caste and creed 
Nature teaches discipline and love
Love combines all countries above!

Actions and Results

If you show your concern to a worrying man,
he will turn your concern into an asset, at times!

If you prove your goodness with a crooked man,
he will show his evil nature surely to you, at times!

If you express your true feelings with a stranger,
he will misinterpret them and deceit you, at times!

If you show kindness and help a needy person,
he will become certainly unkind to you, at times!

Beware of mankind, either known or unknown,
Let them not turn your goodness into badness!


Silence, at times much irritating
to a talkative and friendly person,
who reciprocates with a response!

Silence creates a long gap
between two human beings,
if they lack love and understanding!

Silence soothes a restless soul
which desperately needs peace,
when it’s peace broke into pieces!

Silence solves many unwanted problems
with a very simple and sweet usable trick,
whenever you’re in a mismatched crowd!